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Current Campaigns

                                              MVP Justice Agenda                                              

  • Solidarity: MVP stands with Merrimack Valley workers to defend their right to organize for just wages, safe working conditions and dignity on the job; and with immigrants---documented and undocumented---to defend their legal and human rights to be treated with justice, fairness, dignity and respect.
  • Change: MVP is organizing to end the twin scourges of addiction and mass incarceration by fighting for prevention, treatment and recovery so that recovering addicts and ex-offenders can again become productive members of our communities; and for the creation and preservation of safe, decent, affordable housing across the Valley.
  • Power:  MVP is reaching out to hundreds of Merrimack Valley residents and dozens of Valley congregations, unions and community groups to build a broader and deeper alliance for lasting justice and prosperity for all.



  • MVP Takes Lead Role in Valley Response to Deportation Threat


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MVP Takes Lead Role in Valley Response to Deportation Threat

On January 25, President Trump signed an executive order  "cracking down on undocumented immigrants across the United States and moving to strip federal funding from the sanctuary cities that protect them, including Boston, Somerville, Lawrence, and hundreds more nationwide." Here is the statement MVP released in response:

The next day President Trump signed an executive order threatening to strip federal funding from "sanctuary cities". MVP is proud to have played a role in winning passage of the City of Lawrence's Trust Act in 2015. The increased trust between Lawrence's police department and its undocumented residents can be seen in the city's falling crime rate.

We applaud and endorse Mayor Daniel Rivera's statement that day: "This is going to be the most un-American thing in generations." MVP calls on elected officials across the Merrimack Valley to oppose the president's actions and defend our threatened neighbors.

For over a decade, 2/3 of Americans have supported a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. That is the conversation we should be having. Until the president is ready for that conversation MVP will organize to protect our neighbors from deportation and harassment.


In the past month, over 125 people have participated in Sanctuary trainings in Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill organized by MVP and our allies. At least a dozen religious congregations have expressed interest in publicly declaring themselves "sanctuary congregations". "Sanctuary" is an ancient religious tradition by which temples, churches, mosques, or even entire cities shelter and protect those who are in danger.  There's renewed interest in applying this tradition to the plight of undocumented immigrants in the Valley and across the nation. Many thanks to Communities Together Inc., Solidarity Lowell and CAJE for all their work to make these trainings successful.

If your congregation, union or organization is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact MVP (978-686-0650,

You have to Know Your Rights to Exercise Your Rights!

MVP members Ebenezer Christian Church in Lawrence, St. Patrick's Church in Lowell and St. James Church in Haverhill are all planning to host "Know Your Rights" workshops in the coming weeks. If your congregation, union or organization is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact MVP (978-686-0650,

It is important for everyone---whether documented or undocumented--- to understand you do have rights when confronted or questioned by police or other officials. You have the right to remain silent, to request to speak to a lawyer, and to make a phone call if arrested. If the police or immigration come to your door, they must have a warrant and you have the right to not open the door until you see the warrant with your name on it. Read more about your rights here. Please circulate this information online and through your congregations, unions and community groups.